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Hermione Cooper

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Rockface was a BBC television drama which was broadcast on BBC1 in 2002 and 2003. The drama depicted a fictional Glentannoch Mountain Rescue Team, based in the Highlands of Scotland. Filming actually took place in Lochaber, Scotland, with the stories based, loosely, around a real life Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team. The main cast consisted of well know actors such as Clive Russell, Rupert Evans, Richard Graham, Zoe Eeles, Brendan Coyle, Melanie Gutteridge, Cal MacAninch and Jamie Sives.
Founder member of our heritage Collection ,Mick Tighe, worked as technical advisor and stuntman on all of the first series and part of the second and we have collected a few items from the programme together to make a wee archive.
At the time of writing, 2017, there is quite a lot of information about the series on the internet including some YOU TUBE footage.

Scope Content
1 set of photos taken by Mick Tighe during filming
DVD's of the TV programme
Glentannoch Mountain Rescue logos
4 plastic folders with slides
Invite to screening

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