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2014/15 Chairman's Report


The 2014/15 period has seen our small, bespoke collection grow even more rapidly than ever before with huge amounts of individual artefacts being donated — in excess of one hundred. This has produced a heavy workload in the archiving department with several items still awaiting attention. Meanwhile our website attracts an average 1,400 visits per month which in turn produces several emails and it's becoming clear that the site is being used as a research tool for folk interested in, and writing about mountaineering matters. We have accumulated a large amount of photographic material over the period giving a fine insight into the history of Scottish Mountaineering and we hope to put, at least, some of these images on the website in the near future.  The stated aims of our Collection are the ‘advancement of education, arts, heritage, culture or science‘ so we are pleased to note that the Chairman has recently been awarded the Scottish Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture by the Fort William Mountain Festival, very much in keeping with our aims.  We continue to do talks on the Collection at a variety of venues and there is a permanent display at the National Outdoor Centre at Glenmore Lodge. We also have plans for a much larger display of our artefacts at the new climbing wall in Fort William. The annual display at the Fort William Mountain Festival will be there again in 2016. Other information on the Collection is available from our minutes and the trustees remain the same as before.  
Mick Tighe ....Chairman 
Kathy Tighe Secretary 
Hermione Cooper  Archivist  
Simon Fraser Treasurer  
Kev Mitchell , Robert Veitch, Chris Robinson (West Highland Museum). Stuart Moralee (co—opted)  

MICK T|GHE.....Chairman....22 January 2016 

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