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2016/17 Chairman's Report

 Brief Summary of Accounts 2016 - 2017 up to 1/3/17

Income: £1874.77   Expenditure: £1497.90.    Balance in bank: £968.03

The big event for us during this period was the opening of the collection to the public for two weeks in October. This came about as the result of a request from the Highland Archaeology Festival to participate in their programme of events. We spent nearly a month adapting barns, sheds and ski huts here at Bohuntin to create a visitor attraction which turned out to be a huge success, with a steady stream of interested and interesting visitors, complimented by a fine period of Autumn weather.

We continue to receive large amounts of donations, somewhat enhanced by the two week opening. The chairman and archivist are struggling to keep ahead of the game but will hopefully get it in control soon.

The chairman would like to thank the trustees for their hard work and though he is not a trustee, John Fraser, a friend of the chairman, has worked particularly hard with displays and 'behind the scenes' activities.

As far as I am aware we have the largest collection of mountaineering memorabilia in the UK; a collection of national importance.

We are a small, very active and thriving organisation which we feel is doing an important job in preserving our mountain heritage.

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