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 Mountain Heritage Mastermind Quiz


1) What do Professor John Balfour of Edinburgh and Benny Rothman of Manchester have in common?
2) Where might you find clinkers, star muggers and hobs?
3) Early Scottish outdoor folk used things called: Hoyer Ellefson; Huit Feldt & Lillenfeld.  What are they?
4) American climber, Ray Jardine, invented the Friend, a camming device for rock climbing, but a Russian climber made a camming device before that – who was he?
5) Made in Scotland by a famous Scottish mountaineers and nick-named “the message” – what was it?
6) Where would you have found the MacMurren Ski School in 1948?
7) Who died on the Maiden in May 1970?
8) Who was the first lady to compete in the Ben Nevis Race?
9) Which Scottish mountaineering club had an area outside their hut known as Gunpowder Green?
10) Where in the Scottish mountains would you find a Colby Camp?
11) Eustace Thomas and Donald Duff have something in common – what is it?
12) A famous Scottish regiment undertook arctic warfare training in Canada in 1943 – what was its name?
13) Which well kent Scottish mountain man was a champion ‘diddler’?
14) Somewhat disgruntled that mountaineers from south of the border were pioneering new routes on the Ben in the 1890s, a founder member of the Scottish Mountaineering Club wrote the following:

“tho’ all very nice chaps (they) are undoubted, undiluted specimens of the genus pock-pudden.”

Who was it who wrote these words of wisdom?

15) Scottish mountaineers used wooden-shafted ice-axes right up to the 1960s/70s, but one particular brand of axe was way more popular than all the others, what was it?
16) Where might you find “steep frowning glories?
17) A lady called Lucy Smith and a couple of pals did something unusual beside a boulder in Perthshire in 1908!  What was it?
18) Mountain Engineering began life in Glasgow in the late 1970s.  It was subsequently re-named and became a successful company manufacturing mountaineering equipment.  What was the new name?
19) Which well known Scottish hillman once said “I can do without my eyes, but I can’t do without my mountains”?
20) Where would you have worn ‘gollies’ in the good old days?


Bring the correct answers along with you to our annual opening in Glen Roy – October 1st -8th – and you could win a scrummy prize!


Scottish Mountain Heritage

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