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Benjamin Edgington Casualty Bag

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Benjamin Edgington Casualty Bag




Liz Wilshaw

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All in one rectangular casualty bag, opens out flat with lengthwise metal zip fasteners both sides, metal stud closures at foot and zip top to inner mattress compartment. Webbing reinforcements to base and webbing carry handles reinforced with rope cord, green outer, salmon cotton inner


PU nylon outer overlapping top, canvas outer/inner base, with textured foam mattress ; cotton inner top with synthetic kapok type filling.


196cm (L)x153 doubling to 76cm (W)

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green outer, salmon cotton inner


Benjamin Edginton & Co

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In the early days of mountain rescue, casualties were wrapped in blankets to keep them warm while being transported to safety in a stretcher. Things started to get a little more sophisticated in the 1960's when various companies started producing Casualty Bags specifically designed for mountain rescue teams. Tent and camp equipment manufacturers, Benjamin Edgington, were one of the first on the scene, and here's what the June 1964 Climber Magazine had to say about their new product.
"The bag is 6ft 6" x 2ft 2" and is made in two sections which zip together. The bottom section is made from 8 ounce green, super dux in the form of an envelope to take a Sorboprene mattress and is fitted with reinforced webs and rope handles. The top section is filled with layered Terylene, covered with a tan proofed Egyptian cotton and covered on the top with green neoprene coated nylon with ventilation flap. "
This particular Casualty Bag was used for many years by Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team, on and around Ben Nevis. Newer versions rendered it obsolete in the 1990's when it was donated to Mick Tighe's ever growing collection of mountain memorabilia, which ultimately became The Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection.

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Donated by Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team

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