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Liz Wilshaw

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Medium weight mountaineering boots in leather with woven laces through holes/eyelets and worn metal studded sole. Hanging loops at heel. Size and other details on insides: "A33" followed by symbol consisting of two circles with side segment removed and 4l in second segment, followed by "B/W1 Shoe No. L801 64R 61/2 57. Brown upper and laces, black sole


leather with woven laces, felt cuff edging at ankle


size 6 1/2 length 28.5 cms

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2 (pair)

Inscription Description

On inside of each boot: "A33" followed by symbol consisting of two circles with side segment removed and 4l in second segment, followed by "B/W1 Shoe No. L801 64R 61/2 57


Brown upper/lace, black sole, beige cuff, tan in


Like a lot of items in our collection we aren't really sure where they came from and apologies to folk who have donated things without recognition. Mick Tighe did buy lots of things at auctions in the early days, and it wasn't unusual for him to find a bit of 'junk' on his doorstep without any indication of who had left it - so thanks to the unknown donators.
With regard to boots in general, there is a fascinating entry in the Minute book of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Club from November 14th 1962. It should be noted that at this time the Club provided the nucleus of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team, along with the Police. Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team as a separate entity came into being in 1968.
"Purchase of boots and outer clothing for rescue volunteers:
it was proposed to purchase 12 sets of boots and clothing to be stored at the rifle range for issue to rescue volunteers. the following items were decided upon:-
a)boots - 16 pairs1@size 7,5@ size 8, 6@ size 9, 3@ size 10 and 1@ size 11. After considerable discussion it was decided to specify nailed boots rather than Vibrams since it is incumbent on the club to give first consideration to the safety of rescue volunteers under all possible conditions. It was appreciated that this decision would result in increased costs both for purchase and maintenance. S Lawrie's Mark IV boot priced at 5-2-6 unnailed was concluded satisfactory, also Black's Good Companion at 5-6-6. nailing to be clinker heels, ring clinkers at toes, muggers in centre and No 1 Tricounis(about ten per boot) set in slightly from edge.

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