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Robert Lawrie Boots

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Robert Lawrie Boots




Liz Wilshaw

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Large mountaineering boots in leather with metal studs, newer cord laces through eyelets/holes and hanging tabs to heel. Maker/supplier label inscribed on inner of one boot, Robert Lawrie Ltd. 38, Bryanston Street, Marble Arch, London W1, printed figures (illegible) on inner of second boot. Brown with red laces made by Robert Lawrie Ltd.


leather with metal studs


size unknown, length 34.5 cms

Number Of Objects

2 (pair)

Inscription Description

label: Robert Lawrie Ltd. 38, Bryanston Street, Marble Arch, London W1


Brown with red laces


Robert Lawrie Ltd

Object Production Place

London, England


Another pair of boots for which we don't have previous ownership details unfortunately, so this might be a good time to talk about the maker, Robert Lawrie.
He was born in Lancashire in 1902 and learnt his trade in his father's boot and shoe business - Market Boot Stores in Burnley. A keen outdoors man, he got a lucky break in the early 1930's when he made a pair of boots for Ray Greene, a member of the Alpine Club, who was off to conquer Kamet in the Himalaya. This resulted in a 'contract' to supply the Alpine Club 'exclusively', a move to more solubrious premises in London and a further contract to supply the 1933 Everest expedition with 30 pairs of boots for porters and some high altitude boots for Europeans. Alpine Club member Bob Lawford visited Lawrie's shop in Marble Arch in 1937.

"He had a fine array of equipment and if he was about it was a case of sitting down and having a chat - last thing he wanted to do was sell you a pair of stock boots . Oh no, they must be made to measure and, having sold them to you, he would look after them as long as possible and if you liked the boots he would resole them and nail them according to your preference, he really did take a keen interest in what he sold. "

A little background on Robert Lawrie might be of interest so we've borrowed the following from Wikipedia

"Robert Lawrie (1903–1982) was a British alpine and polar equipment specialist and racing driver.

Robert Lawrie was born in Burnley. He trained as a shoe and boot maker at his father's firm which he later ran. By the late 1920s he had become an accomplished climber and alpinist, and he started to design, manufacture and supply mountaineering boots to his own design. His boots proved popular and he was commissioned to supply boots for the 1933 Everest expedition led by Hugh Ruttledge. In 1935 he moved the business, now known as Robert Lawrie Ltd, to London, eventually working out of premises in his home in Seymour Street. He provided boots, climbing and mountaineering equipment to many expeditions including John Hunt's successful 1953 Everest campaign, for which he trained Wilfred Noyce in the art of boot repair.

A keen amateur racing driver, he participated in four 24 Hours of Le Mans races, debuting on June 25, 1949. He finished in 11th position in the 1949 Le Mans driving his Aston Martin 2-Litre Sports (DB1) and also 11th in 1951 driving his Jaguar XK-120C"

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'Invisible on Everest' Mike Parsons and Mary B Rose.

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Spectrum : UK Museum documentation standard, V.3.1 2007



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