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Hermione Cooper

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Pair of mountain touring skis with metal edges and Kandahar bindings. Hole in tip and painted blue upper.


wood, metal, leather


205(l) cms At widest part 9(w) cms

Number Of Objects

1 pair

Inscription Description

"PARIS SKI RMC 50 PARIS M2" in circle underneath tip.




One could perhaps be forgiven for assuming that Paris skis were made in France when the truth is that the Paris Manufacturing Co. was based in Maine, USA. Founded by a guy called Henry Morton in 1861, the company made desks and home furnishings along with sleds and skis. As we see very often with these small, bespoke companies, Paris Manufacturing Co. ceased to exist in the late 1900's, so it is nice that we have a little momento of their existence.
The skis are very well made from what looks like oak, and interestingly , there are two holes at the front of the ski which were almost certainly used to make the turn up at the tips. It would probably have been reccommended to store the skis with the bending system in place too. The diagram opposite should explain what we are talking about. We are not sure what the hole at the heel end is for.
There's a very sturdy set of Kandahar bindings attached and what seems to be new metal edges, though we are not sure if they are replacements or a new/later edition.
A very fine pair of skis anyway which could be from the 1920/30's though more likely the 1950's. You could certainly strap them on and go for a ski right now.
They were given to Mick Tighe by an old skiing pal called Pete Nicol from Deeside, who amongst other things was a member of The Magic Circle, hence the nickname, Pete the Magician.

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Donated by Pete Nichol

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Spectrum : UK Museum documentation standard, V.3.1 2007



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