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W A Poucher's Nailed Boots

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W A Poucher's Nailed Boots




Hermione Cooper

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Brief Description

Pair of brown leather 'Tricouni' nailed climbing boots with leather laces. Wooden and metal boot trees inside and boots in cotton striped boot bags with drawstring tops.


leather, metal


32(l) x 11.5(w) x 18(h) cms.

Number Of Objects

1 pair

Inscription Description

" TRICOUNI BREV + 6.17 " on nails




Walter Poucher's iconic books of photographs captured the imagination of the outdoor fraternity for decades at the end of of the twentieth century and many have become collector's items. A complex and most interesting man; Poucher lived in two very different worlds - one as a prolific and pioneering landscape photographer, the other as 'the father of British perfumery'. If you wish to know more, then we can highly recommend Roly Smith's book (see reference below). Meanwhile we thought Poucher's view of how to nail his own boots might be of interest along with the photograph of the result from his book, 'Lakeland Peaks', first published in 1960. The eagle eyed observer will perhaps note meanwhile, that whilst there are some marked similarities with the boots we have, they are not 'nailed' as per the 1960's version. Whether or not they are the same boots re-soled/re-nailed we are not sure, they certainly look like it, and some close up detective work may be required.
Nailing is of paramount importance, but there are so many varieties to satisfy so many diverse tastes that if they were all seen by the buyer at the time of purchase, much confusion and indecision might result.
Except from WA Poucher's 'The Lakeland Peaks'
- see photo opposite
I thought it would simplify matters if I included a photograph of my own nailing, which experience has shown to be satisfactory for ordinary fell walking. Any well-known maker of climbing boots will, on request, nail them to this pattern, which is as follows:
Three No. 6 Tricouni round the toe of each boot.

Clinker in pairs round both edges of the sole.

Large muggers well distributed over both sole and waist.

No. 1 Tricouni near each edge of the waist.

Malleable serrated capping on the front edge of each heel.

Overlapping clinkers on the rim of the heel, and also spaced singly round the sides of the heel.

One mugger in the centre of each heel.

Acquisition Method

Passed on by Roly Smith on behalf of Tony Poucher, grandson of WA Poucher

Acquisition Date



see 'The Lakeland Peaks' by WA Poucher
(Constable 1960) and 'A Camera in The Hills' by Roly Smith (Frances Lincoln, 2008)


a bit of mould inside

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Spectrum : UK Museum documentation standard, V.3.1 2007



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