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Ben Lawyers Summit Cairn Indicator Plaque

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Ben Lawyers Summit Cairn Indicator Plaque




Hermione Cooper

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Round plaque from the demolished Ben Lawyers Visitor Centre. Five screws on the back.




46(diameter) x 1(d) cms

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Compass with "NATURE CONSERVANCY COUNCIL BEN LAWYERS 1214M THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND" in centre and names of surrounding mountains around it.


cream, gold


Percy Unna(1878-1950) was an environmentalist and philanthropist and although born in London, he was of Danish extraction. Amongst many other things he became president of the Scottish Mountaineering Club in the 1930's, which kindled an enthusiasm to protect the natural landscape of Scotland, for which he raised large amounts of money. Much of that money was channelled through The National Trust for Scotland(NTS) who with money from Unna's Mountain Country Trust bought the Ben Lawyers estate in 1950.
As part of their management process NTS built a Visitor's Centre on the south side of Ben Lawyers in 1972. Welcomed by many and damned by the few, the somewhat angular construction of the centre earned it the nickname 'Starship Enterprise'. Despite this, or maybe because of it, several thousand visitors passed through the doors until financial difficulties and an internal review within the NTS sealed the center's fate.It was demolished in October 2010.
Fortunately for us the local rescue team was invited to clear the rescue room just before destruction and, amongst other things, managed to save this summit cairn indicator from the skip. It was meant to be in place in 1980 and we are not sure why it never made it, but wonder if some of the information was incorrect - there's plenty of it and we haven't had time to check it all out.

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Donated by Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland

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