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Rohan Salopettes

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Rohan Salopettes




Hermione Cooper

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Brief Description

Two pairs of blue salopettes with five zipped pockets and one long centre zip. One has added goretex gaiters sewn on and red piping. Elastic braces and plastic buckles.


viscose, helanca, lycra, gore tex.


100(l) x 54(w) cms

Number Of Objects

2 pair

Inscription Description

"ROHAN" on label above pocket. inside label reads "40"/120cm ROHAN COPYRIGHT DESIGN ART 6603 SALOPETTE" and laundry instructions on back.


blue, black




Paul Howcroft of Rohan designs created some major waves in the outdoor clothing industry in the mid 1970's with his creative and functional designs which challenged the traditional tweed breeches brigade and eventually won through. Tom Waghorn, writing the gear review for the Climber and Rambler Magazine in January 1976, got this from Paul Howcroft.
They're the kind of bib-fronted overall which skiers wear and which one of Britain's most adhesive mountaineers, Joe Tasker, swears by for all-round mountaineering. The high-cut waist means that there's no cold spots from the separation of sweater and breeches. For winter backpacking the pack doesn't sit on one's belt as so often happens. And the long leg extends to the lower calf and ensures that there are no cold spots when gaiter and breeches separate.The pockets are well designed for climbers wearing a harness, with easy access for them and for walkers using waistbelts.
Harrogate may not have had room for salopettes, but Climber and Rambler has. They are being tried out by our staff and will be reviewed, as will some of the other bright ideas by other firms mentioned above, in future issues later this year."

We've put these two pairs in together as they were both donated by Andy MacDonald and are very similar. The only difference is the gore-tex gaiter sewn onto the lower part of one pair. This was done by Mary Gillespie from Fort William who specialised in customising/improving mountaineering gear.
Rohan is still operating in 2012 - check out ROHANTIME on the internet.

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Donated by Andy Mac Donald

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Spectrum : UK Museum documentation standard, V.3.1 2007



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