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Primus No 96 in original box

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Primus No 96 in original box




Hermione Cooper

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Primus stove in red metal box. Small brass camping stove with eight associated parts. Base has three retractable metal feet, unscrewable lid for refuelling , pump and unscrewable lid for burner. Three cylindrical holes for removable pot rests, spanner and fuel bottle. Box has hinged metal carrying handle.




box - 14(l) x 12(w) x 7(h) cms.

Inscription Description

"PRIMUS NO 96 MADE IN SWEDEN PRI(picture of stove)MUS" and "AN12" inscribed on stove. "PRIMUS A/BBA.HJORTH & CO. STOCKHOLM SWEDEN REG. TRADE MARK" on lid of box and picture of stove. "PRI (picture of stove)MUS" inscribed on each side .
"NO 1738 PRIMUS STOCKHOLM SWEDEN" on small bottle





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The code on the tank of this lovely little stove tells us that it dates from 1949 though some of the accessories may be from a different era as, having acquired a nice original tin, we raked about to make up a stove to go with it - does that make it a hybrid?
Anyway, it's all Primus and all from the 1940's and 50's when Primus reigned supreme on the campsite and bothy.
The Pressure Stove

The paraffin, (kerosene), pressure stove first appeared in 1892 when a Swede, Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist, registered his 'Sootless Kerosene Stove'. The design burned Paraffin gas which was vapourised from the liquid fuel in tubes forming the burner head. His design was so successful a Company was formed to manufacture the stove and
'Primus', (Latin for first), appeared to the World.
The first model was the No. 1 stove and the range rapidly expanded into many dozens of models aimed at different markets. With Amundsen using a 'Primus' to reach the South Pole and Hillary taking 'Primus' stoves to climb Mount Everest the word became used by many people to describe any
pressure camping stove. In 1962 the paraffin division of Primus was sold to Optimus but continued to manufacture stoves under the name 'Primus Trading'.
The Company was closed in 1972 and the range consolidated just to Optimus models.

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On display at Glenmore Lodge


Spectrum : UK Museum documentation standard, V.3.1 2007



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