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Friends - Anodised - Wild Country

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Friends - Anodised - Wild Country




Hermione Cooper

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Four Wild Country Friends with carrying tapes


metal, nylon


14,14.5,15,15.5(l) x 5,6,7,8(w) cms

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Inscription Description

On tapes "WILD COUNTRY FRIENDS 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5"


black, silver, red


Wild Country

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Russian Mountaineer, Vitaly Abalokov, is credited with inventing the first spring loaded camming device though it was American climber, Ray Jardine, who perfected the idea and invented/ created the 'friend' in 1978. The story goes that whilst he and his climbing partner were experimenting with prototype camming devices in America's Yosemite Valley, other climbers appeared for a chat. Not wishing to give the game away when sorting their gear, Jardine asked his mate if he'd brought his 'friends' along with him - the name stuck.
Though patented initially in America, it was the UK based company, Wild Country who began manufacturing Friends way back in 1977/78, firstly with the solid stem version and later with the flexible helium type - we're told there is a new one on the way in 2016. Though 'Friends' has become the generic term for all camming devices there are plenty of other versions around, the Black Diamond Camalot being one of the more popular ones.
The four Friends we have here in the collection date from around 1995/6 when a company called DMM - Denny Moorehouse Mountaineering - were manufacturing them for Wild Country. We assume the anodising - that's the black and red coating- was to protect the Friends from the elements - it also made them look pretty! It doesn't seem like these versions were around for long as there aren't many of them about and as they are pretty much in mint condition they make a fine addition to our collection.
Thanks to our old pal, Paul Rosher, up in Skye, for donating them.

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Donated by Paul Rosher

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Spectrum : UK Museum documentation standard, V.3.1 2007



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