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Silva baseplate compass in pouch

Clear celluloid baseplate compass with protractor and needle encased in liquid.It is encased in plastic pouch
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Curvimetre- Map Measurer

Curvimetre map measurer in plastic case with data sheet.
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Map Measurer

Map measurer in original box
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Map measurer in box

Map measurer in box with instructions
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Mils (Military) Compass

Mils Military Compass in original case.
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Mils protractors

Two semi circular clear plastic Mils protractors.
One 6" and one 9"
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O.S bench marks - Plaque and Bolt

Brass rectangular plaque and mushroom shaped bolt.
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Prismatic Compass

Prismatic Compass with brass case and hinged lid. Mother of pearl dial.
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Silva Compass

Silva baseplate compass in homemade pouch
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Silva- walker-pedometer

Silva clip on walker- pedometer in velvet padded plastic case.
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Silva Wrist Compass

Silva Compass on leather wrist strap with metal buckle
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Suunto G 80 Cart-O-Master Compass

Suunto G-80 Compass on base plate with large grid square
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